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Smart Beer Bottle
Vending Machine

Model BVC-BB-607
Name Smart Beer Bottle Vending Machine
Merchandise Type 42 Types (according to products size)
Commodity Storage About 336 to 378 Food Boxes (according to size of goods)
Factory Configuration Standard Bear Bottles (300ml)
Interior Storage 6 Trays (Drawers)
Vending Mechanism Conveyer Systems (Elevator System - Product Pic and Place)
Temperature 4°C to 8°C (Adjustable)
Selection Display 15 - inch Touch Screen with Vending Computing
Payment System Bank Notes | Coin and Note Dispenser
Mobile Payment System UPI Payments (GPay, Paytm and etc…)
E-Transaction Credit & Debit Card System
Smart Transaction Prepaid and Postpaid Systems | Smart Cards
Standard interface USB
Reports Daily Report send through Email Also - Excel Format (Sales & Stock)
Telemetry (Cloud) System Monitor your statistics anytime
Electricity 100V | 240V,50Hz | 60Hz
Power Backup Built-in UPS | 600VA
Outside Dimensions H: 1985mm | W:1350mm | D: 950mm
Weight 550 Kg
Material MS with Powder Coated
Special Features Built-in Automatic Sanitary Dispenser